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Welcome to the Art Class website. I am excited about your child being in my art classes. In this site you will find a list of supplies for each grade level as well as updates on what is currently being studied.

Art is very important! Art is a mirror of society. Every child, every person, every culture gives form to its feelings and ideas through Art. Art has the power to uphold individual differences. It develops thinking, feeling and perceiving, necessary for the unfolding of creative abilities.

Art stresses:
....visual/tactile discrimination so that individuals may become discerning consumers.
...independent judgment so that they may build self esteem.
...individual interpretation so that they may experience the joy of self-expression.
...discipline and develops skill in problem solving which is used in every area in education.
...appreciation and critical evaluation of the world of art., cultural and historical awareness of mankind.
...artistic capabilities and interests used to enhance future leisure time.

The art experience begins with inspiration, develops through decision making and problem solving and closes with the production of a new creation.

A work of art is a product of human thinking, human feeling and human spirit.


Your Trash is the Art Room Treasure!


When you are cleaning and tossing things away, please consider donating craft items to the school. There is very little that the students can't use in a creative way. Any papers, paint (including house paint), fabric, ribbon, beads, wire, small pieces of wood, craft odds and ends can be recycled into art. The class is especially in need of women's hosiery (runs are fine), old t-shirts, plastic grocery bags and water bottles with caps. I will take other drink bottles and cans but please rinse them out before donating.

Your donations will be greatly appreciated.